Some People Consider Zodiac Signs When Trying to Plan a Pregnancy

 It's getting more and more common to plan your pregnancy around your baby's ideal zodiac sign. A new poll found only 5% of baby boomers did this when they had kids, but 31% of millennials and 25% of gen z’ers said it’s something they might do when they decide it time for them to start a family. The most popular signs are scorpio, aquarius, and taurus.  The poll also looked at which people are most likely to think astrology is real. If you’re a taurus, gemini, or aquarius, you’re more likely to believe in what the stars say, while leos, capricorns, and scorpios are the most likely to think it’s nonsense.

A 7-Year Cycle In Astrology —Here’s How To Navigate the Energy

If you think back to seven years ago, your life probably looks quite different now than it did then. And astrologically speaking, this timeframe holds significance. In astrology, what's known as a seven-year cycle can dramatically shift our reality and human existence. Every—you guessed it—seven years, there are shifts and changes in the cosmos that influence the energies in our lives in major ways. " Two planets, in particular, are associated with the concept of the seven-year cycle: Uranus and Saturn. Below, get a breakdown from astrologers about what the timeframe means for each planet's transit and then how you can best navigate the sometimes-difficult energy of each. What Uranus's 7-year cycle means Uranus changes the sign it's traveling in every seven years," says Sade. "The planet represents liberation and change," which explains why as one cycle ends and another begins, our lives may feel shaken up. Uranus cycles happen on a collective scale,

Is marriage using Astrology really helpful ?

Astrology plays its role, but only if you have faith in astrology. Many people, especially with higher education with modern thoughts and people in Love, may have this question: Is marriage astrology really helpful, or should we rely on astrology for Marriage? We all know that Marriage is more to do with the relationship between the two persons and their extended families.  Q - Can astrologer tell when will a person get married from birth date?  First of all, I will not try to base my answers more on technical astrological points because it is for a good astrologer to interpret all these points for each horoscope individually. However, for this, first, the person should have accurate birth details of the person. A good astrologer can tell when a person will get married from birth details for sure. There are some cycles in every person's life when Marriage Yoga is active, so by identifying that cycle supported with positive Dasha and transits, any good astrologer can predict right t


Because wedding planning can be a year-long journey of conflicts and financial struggles, my fiancé and I prioritized what two bulls would want the most on their wedding day: an earthy-yet-classic venue, an awe-inspiring foodie menu, free-flowing wine, and show-stopping getups. when planning your wedding, your zodiac sign can help you find the best date, location, scenery, flowers, and food. Because every sign has a distinct personality, aesthetic, and approach to events, those vibes will likely be involved in all your wedding-decision making.  For Taurus, as example “the most extravagant sign of the zodiac,” suggests putting food, desserts, liquor, and floral arrangements first. Incorporating earthy tones, plants, and greenery can also help a Bull feel more relaxed on a particularly stressful day. With that advice in mind, wedding planning became less of a chore and more of an exercise at just how Taurus-y my fiancé and I could be. (Turns out, the answer is very.) Because our extravag

The Astrology in the Age of Technology

As social media reignites interest in Astrology, its future remains uncertain While many of the concepts originally proposed in astrology were debunked or challenged by modern science, as much as 25% of Americans believe in it. Astrology is an ancient form of predicting real-world events off of the positioning of the stars in the sky as it relates to Earth. Your Most Luckiest Day for this Month Ahead Choose your Sign ♈    ♉    ♊    ♋    ♌    ♍    ♎    ♏    ♐    ♑     ♒    ♓ Unfortunately, the original concepts of astrology have been largely lost by modern audiences. With astrology once again becoming popular with social media users, the field has two potential futures: one of tradition or internet platforms capitalizing from inaccurate monthly horoscopes. Fortunately, astrology is once again picking up popularity with social media users. When asked what drives people to astrology even though science conflicts with it, “Truth… knowing there is something real and there is an order to the

Sun-Saturn-Uranus 34th Harmonic interpretation

You enjoy restructuring the way things are done. You are a reformer, perhaps even a rebel. You are frustrated by organizations that are unwilling to adapt, evolve, and change. Be sure that you have studied a situation carefully before attempting to reform it.

Venus-Mars-Uranus 156th Harmonic

You have very strong romantic and sexual feelings. You are likely to fall in, and out of, love at least a few times before settling  down so it is probably not a good idea for you to marry early in life. You love music and probably dance also. It is important  that sexuality does not overpower the importance of love, kindness, or mutual understanding in your romantic relationships  because otherwise you can be unfulfilled in the long run.

Astrology might have some answers base on your Birth Chart.

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