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Jupiter Opposition Mars/Pluto 1 deg 46 min

 You have big plans and the dynamic energy to manifest them. Sometimes you are almost obsessed with your big plans, and  although family members and friends may tire of hearing about your plans, the single-minded focus on your goals is needed to  achieve your goals. Be sure to research carefully before investing time, energy, and resources on a venture.

Jupiter Conjunct Sun/Saturn Midpoint interpretation

You have good organizational skills. You are able to intuitively sense the structure and overall design and plan, and you are able to take devise reasonable strategies for achieving realistic goals.  You can use your talent in the world of business or as an administrator.

Pluto Opposition Venus/Mars Midpoint interpretation

 You are very passionate. Intense romantic relationships may engender jealousy and possessiveness in either you or your  partner, and this can lead to difficulty. You are also creative and able to make very beautiful things.

Pluto Opposition Mercury/Mars Midpoint interpretation

 Sometimes you become impatient and even belligerent with others if you feel that their ideas are poorly constructed or based  on erroneous assumptions. You are shrewd and insightful but sometimes you are not as open to other points of view as you think you are.

Venus Conjunct Mars/Jupiter Midpoint interpretation

You are a creative, warm, and friendly person. You are romantic, open, and generous. You are thoughtful and generous, and  you enjoy taking time to be with friends or going out to have a good time. You can be very successful in an area that involves  art, creativity, friendliness, or entertainment. Your constructive, positive attitude draws good opportunities to you.

Sun Conjunct Mercury/Mars Midpoint interpretation

 You are likely to take classes and continue to learn things throughout your life, never ceasing to work on getting a clearer and sharper understanding. 

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