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Venus Entering in Cancer Starting Jun 2 2021

 ZODIAC SEASON OF LOVE  -   VENUS ENTERING CANCER 2021 You place emphasis on family relations. You will form strong emotional bonds within your own tribe. You may have an emotional need for financial security.

VENUS Entering GEMINI Starting from May 9 2021

ZODIAC  SEASON OF LOVE  -   VENUS IN GEMINI  2021 You are curious and flirtatious, and enjoy intellectual relationships with exchanges of ideas. Communicating within a relationship is important to you. You can be restless, and sometimes gets bored. You may have many money-making schemes. While in Gemini, Venus can’t resist bookstores, department stores, craft stores, office supply stores, greeting card stores, or stationers.  You’ll buy at least two of everything that catches your eye, so stock up on goods that you use all year long. Venus tends to be quite sociable in Gemini.  If you plan only one or two parties each year,  make one of them a late-spring gathering while Venus is in Gemini. Buy all the greeting cards you’ll want now for an entire year of birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and graduations. READ NEXT TRANSIT IN CANCER - Jun 2 2021 YOUR FUTURE LOVE ACCORDING TO CHANGING OF  ZODIAC SEASON Each Venus Transit in Zodiac sign is particularly good at unearthing certain treasu

ZODIAC SEASON OF LOVE: Venus Entering TAURUS Starting April 15 2021

ZODIAC SEASON LOVE  - VENUS IN  TAURUS 2021 For you romance and reliability go hand in hand. You approach relationships slowly and steadily, looking for someone who will prove solid and secure. You enjoy sensuality, and are reliable with finances.

ZODIAC SEASON OF LOVE: Venus in Aries, starting Mar 21 2021

 SEASON OF LOVE  -   VENUS ENTERING ARIES 2021 You will pursue a partner ardently and hastily,

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