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TAURUS WOMAN - The Sign of Sexual Response

♈    ♉    ♊    ♋    ♌    ♍    ♎    ♏    ♐    ♑     ♒    ♓ Taurus Woman  the ideal  Taurus woman is the zodiac's barefoot contessa, a sort of tribal princess who embodies the combined spirit of regal immunity and pastoral naiveté.

TAURUS MAN - The Sign of Sexual Desire

♈    ♉    ♊    ♋    ♌    ♍    ♎    ♏    ♐    ♑     ♒    ♓ Taurus Man  the Idol  Dude the obscure: Taurus male is purposefully vague. Achieving his life's ambitions, he operates best by keeping his intentions guarded and others guessing.

Beauty Tips FOR TAURUS Zodiac

  Your Zodiac Lucky or Unlucky? Find out  Choose your Sign    ♈  -  ♉  -  ♊  -  ♋  -  ♌  -  ♍ ♎  -  ♏  -  ♐   -  ♑   -  ♒  -  ♓  Beauty is often stated as being in the eye of the beholder. But there is also a connection between beauty and wellness.  And a connection between one’s mind and body is recognized as an important aspect of beauty and skin care. When we are anxious, unhappy, or tired, our skin loses its glow and energy. Our skin mirrors our life.  Here we address some beauty tips For TAURUS Sign . Subscribe to RSS headline updates from: Powered by FeedBurner .

How the Taurus manipulates #ARIES

    Persons born under the sign of  Taurus  are generally extremely pragmatic and down-to-earth, and do not readily lose their composure. Their virtues do not include an exaggerated ambition – but they are able to enjoy life in all its aspects.  Their strong points are endurance and resilience, although they are all too easily seduced by pleasure and cosiness.

How TAURUS sign overcome relationship challenges

  You Taurean are ruled by the planet Venus ,  the goddess of love in Greek mythology. This makes romance especially important to you. A loyal and affectionate lover, you have great appeal as a mate. In your case, however, Venus also represents money and possessions, which Too 0ften leads you to equate love with ownership. This can cause .... ---->>   real  problems  of jealousy and possessive-ness or attempts to "buy" love that should be freely given. You also can become fixated on a person who is not really right for you due to your Bull-like determination toget what you want.  To overcome this relationship challenge, focus more on the other person's needs and desires instead of trying to dominate. Let love blossom naturally - or not at all.  Keep in mind, with your strong, rigid temperament, more flodble types may be wary of you. Thus, you can wind up with an equally rigid and stubborn mate who has a personality discordant to yours. To avoid endless rifts and sta

Taurus Strategies to Improve Flexibility

Your Zodiac Lucky or Unlucky? Find out  Choose your Sign    ♈  -  ♉  -  ♊  -  ♋  -  ♌  -  ♍ ♎  -  ♏  -  ♐   -  ♑   -  ♒  -  ♓  #Taurus can often find themselves being inflexible for the sake of being inflexible in an ever-changing world. The following strategies can help loosen the grip of that stubborn quality. 1.If an outside force is asking you to do something differently, consciously check in with your gut to ask if you are resisting merely because you are being pushed or because it’s really a no. In other words, are you saying no because it isn’t the best choice, or are you just being stubborn and won’t consider the possibilities that could come from doing something differently? Readmore... . Subscribe to RSS headline updates from: Powered by FeedBurner .

#TAURUS Vs The Zodiac: The Manipulative Power

  Your Zodiac Lucky or Unlucky? Find out  Choose your Sign    ♈  -  ♉  -  ♊  -  ♋  -  ♌  -  ♍ ♎  -  ♏  -  ♐   -  ♑   -  ♒  -  ♓ How the #Taurus manipulates Tauruses are characterised by their good disposition. Although not prone to quick reactions, once they have decided to act, then their reactions are vehement and irrevocable. Their strong points are endurance and resilience, although they are all too easily seduced by pleasure and cosiness.

How to Manipulate a TAURUS Zodiac Sign

The answer may be written in the star Choose your Sign    ♈  -  ♉  -  ♊  -  ♋  -  ♌  -  ♍ ♎  -  ♏  -  ♐   -  ♑   -  ♒  -  ♓ The season of the # Taurus  is in the spring, in May. Everything is green and nature is in abundance. Absence and fear have no place here. On the contrary, the Taurus stands for material security and enjoyment. The Taurus is characterized by patience, perseverance, a love for harmony and peace, and the finer things in life. Material possessions, prosperity and coziness characterize his life and also the 2nd house of the zodiac, over which he presides. Justice and prudence are typical of his character. The Sagittarius has the largest manipulative effect on the Taurus as his eighth sign. Like any other human being, the Taurus is also...  READMORE . . For Much More Accurate and personalize , Fill up the form below and Verify your Birth data by replying the welcome message after submitting. to let me know I'm not sending to nothing or not interested people.  see

TAURUS Luck and Fortune 2021

TAURUS PERSONALITY Quality – fixed (= stability)  Quality most needed for balance – flexibility Strongest virtues – endurance, loyalty, patience, stability, a harmonious disposition  Deepest needs – comfort, material ease, wealth  Characteristics to avoid – rigidity, stubbornness, tendency to be overly possessive and materialistic TAURUS COMPATIBILITY Signs of greatest overall compatibility – Virgo, Capricorn  Signs of greatest overall incompatibility – Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius  Sign most helpful to career – Aquarius  Sign most helpful for emotional support – Leo  Sign most helpful financially – Gemini  Sign best for marriage and/or partnerships – Scorpio  Sign most helpful for creative projects – Virgo  Best Sign to have fun with – Virgo  Signs most helpful in spiritual matters – Aries, Capricorn Best day of the week – Friday MAJOR TREND 2021     |  HEALTH 2021 HOME AND FAMILY    |  FINANCE AND CAREER SELF IMPROVEMENT |  LOVE 2021 MONTHLY LOVESCOPE FOR ALL SIGN CHOOSE YOUR ZODIAC SIGN

LOVESCOPE 2021: If Taurus Married to a Scorpio

    is like a Great Balance  Taurus is ruled by Venus and Scorpio by Pluto and co-ruled by Mars . The rulers of your respective signs tell us quite a bit about how you each approach life in a marriage Comfort Zones  You Taurus and Scorpio can probably spend hours together without feeling a need to converse every few minutes. You’re both comfortable with silence, and besides, a lot of your communication takes place telepathically. One of you, for example, might be thinking about how great it would be to get out of town for the weekend and suddenly, the other says, “Hey, how about if we go somewhere this weekend?” When this kind of communication occurs, you know your marriage is right where it should be, in the flow, the groove. This kind of synchronicity suggests that beneath the seemingly random nature of life, there’s a deeper order, a quantum order, and you and Scorpio are tapped into it.  Here are some other Comfort Zones you and Scorpio will enjoy:  Hot Spots            |     Joint

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