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SAGITTARIUS WOMAN - The Sign of Sexual Splendor

 Sagittarius Woman  The Maven  In life's rich pageant, Sagittarius woman is the contestant most likely to walk away with the crown. A radiant, regal figure, she presides over experience, exuding an air of deservedness directed toward all that she desires. To her, the world is an abundant place where she can reach out and grab all she envisions. Struggle is anathema to Sag: Astrology might have some answers base on your Solar Return Chart. 👉  Just Fill up this form  , You can ask me 1 free question   She keeps her eye on one particular prize at a time and, sensing the right opportunity, lets her Archeress arrows fly with swift precision, hitting her far-reaching marks while remaining removed from the fray of embattling human interaction. She appears the perfect leader, one who has it all—brains, body, beauty, and the ability to amass as much devotion from others as she does coins for her coffers. Wealth, it would seem, is her personal birthright.    For Much More Accurate and perso

SAGITTARIUS MAN - The Sign of Sexual Ecstacy

Sagittarius Man  the maverick   Sagittarius man is the zodiac's libertarian. A freewheeling extremist, nobody lives larger than he does. Forever shaking up existing codes and mores, he colors outside the lines in life, succeeding in his endeavors by taking great risks.

SAGITTARIUS Luck and Fortune 2021

SAGITTARIUS AT A GLANCE Ruling Planet – Jupiter  Career Planet – Mercury  Love Planet – Mercury  Money Planet – Saturn  Planet of Health and Work – Venus  Planet of Home and Family Life – Neptune  Planet of Spirituality – Pluto

What you Need to know if SAGITTARIUS date a SCORPIO

  A Zinger!    Fire and water. Back to basic chemistry .

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