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PISCES Luck and Fortune 2021

PISCES AT A GLANCE Ruling Planet – Neptune  Career Planet – Jupiter  Love Planet – Mercury  Money Planet – Mars  Planet of Health and Work – Sun  Planet of Home and Family Life – Mercury  Planet of Love Affairs, Creativity and Children – Moon   PISCES  LUCKY COLOR   Colours – aqua, blue-green  Colours that promote love, romance and social harmony – earth tones, yellow, yellow-orange  Colours that promote earning power – red, scarlet  Gem – white diamond  Metal – tin  Scent – lotus Quality – mutable (= flexibility) PISCES PERSONALITY   Quality – mutable (= flexibility)  Qualities most needed for balance – structure and the ability to handle form  Strongest virtues – psychic power, sensitivity, self-sacrifice, altruism  Deepest needs – spiritual illumination, liberation  Characteristics to avoid – escapism, keeping bad company, negative moods PISCES  COMPATIBILITY Signs of greatest overall compatibility – Cancer, Scorpio  Signs of greatest overall incompatibility – Gemini, Virgo, Sagitta

What you Need to know if PISCES date a SCORPIO

 Mystical  You, Pisces, like Scorpio, explore the world through your emotions and intuition . You swim through seas of impressions that would exhaust lesser human beings. You feel things so deeply at times that you become a kind of psychic sponge that absorbs the emotions of the people around you. It’s why it’s so important for you to surround yourself with positive individuals.  You and your mutable sibling , Gemini, are the only signs represented by two of something—for you, it’s two fish, swimming in opposite directions. The fish symbolize your head and your heart, or your ego and your soul. One shouts at you to go in this direction; the other demands to go in the other direction. As a result, you’re sometimes torn between the two and become indecisive, a quality that will drive Scorpio batty. That said, you two have quite a bit in common. IN BEDROOM     |     WHAT TO AVOID WHAT TO EMBRACE   |   COMPATIBILITY  Astrology can also help you discover pretty much anything you can imagine