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LIBRA WOMAN - The Sign of Sexual Equality

Libra Woman  the charm    Libra woman is the zodiac's activist:

LIBRA MAN - The Sign of Sexual Talent

Libra Man  the character   Libra is the zodiac's Renaissance man. For him life is art, and he approaches existence as would a painter faced with a blank canvas, feeling empowered to create a world based solely on his idealized visions while striving to encapture sweeping abstract realities that he perceives as having remained heretofore out of humanity's reach.  Astrology might have some answers base on your Libra Sign 👉  Just Fill up this form  , You can ask me 1 free question He is naturally attuned to the ordered, nonchaotic energies of the universe and is thus both highly principled and philosophical.  Libra is a perfectionist, if not a platonist, forever focusing on conditions that might bring betterment. both for himself and for others; and yet wearing rose-colored glasses can also set him up for great disappointment. He is liberal in his beliefs, a pioneer on the intellectual plane, which often puts him at odds with the more stodgy aspects of society.  Despite his freet

LIBRA Luck and Fortune 2021

LIBRA AT A GLANCE  Love Planet-Mars  Money Planet-Pluto  Planet of Communications -Jupiter  Planet of Health and Work - Neptune  Planet of Home and Family Life- Saturn  Planet of Spirituality and Good Fortune - Mercury  LIBRA LUCKY COLOR   Colours - blue, jade green  Colours that promote love, romance mad social harmony - carmine, red, scarlet  Colours that promote earning power - burgundy, red-vio-let, violet  Gems- carnelian, chrysolite, coral, emerald, jade, opal, quartz, white marble  Metal-copper Scents - almond, rose, vanilla, violet Quality- cardinal (= activity)   LIBRA PERSONALITY Qualities most needed for balance - a sense of self, self-reliance, independence  Strongest virtues - social grace, c harrn, tact, diplomacy  Deepest needs- love, romance, social harmony  Characteristic to avoid- violating what is right in order to be socially accepted  LIBRA  COMPATIBILITY Signs of greatest overall compatibility -Gemini, Aquarius  Signs of greatest overall incompatibility- Aries, Ca

If LIBRA Married to a Scorpio is like Romantic

  Romantic  You’re the romantic of the zodiac, the one who really does love those moonlit walks on the beach and candlelit dinners in some secluded spot where intimate conversation flourishes. As a cardinal air sign, you can be as passionate as Scorpio, as chatty and charming as Gemini and as rash and impulsive as Aries. But in each instance, your energy is focused on relationships, people, the arts, mediation and a quest for balance and harmony. All of these traits appeal to Scorpio.  Your sign Libra, like Taurus , is ruled by Venus, traditionally the goddess of love, artistic instinct and sociability. Scorpio is ruled by transformative Pluto and co-ruled by aggressive Mars. In other words, Libra, your sign is yin to Scorpio’s yang. A balance, right? But the balance can be delicate at times, so let’s take a look at the potential hot spots in a marriage between you and Scorpio.   Here are some other Comfort Zones you and Scorpio will enjoy:  Hot Spots            |     Joint Finances. D

What you Need to know if LIBRA date a SCORPIO

 Seductive & Romantic  Libras come in three distinct types:

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