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LEO WOMAN - The Sign of Sexual Expression

♈    ♉    ♊    ♋    ♌    ♍    ♎    ♏    ♐    ♑     ♒    ♓ Leo Woman  the knockout  Leo woman is the prime mover of the zodiac. 

LEO MAN - The Sign of Sexual Prowess

   July 23–August 22 Leo Man the natural  Leo man is the zodiac's quintessential golden boy, a gleaming figure with great charisma and an innate sense of ease and entitlement.

LEO Luck and Fortune 2021

LEO AT A GLANCE  Element -Fire  Ruling Planet - Sun  Career Planet - Venus  Love Planet - Uranus  Money Planet - Mercury  Planet of  Health and Work - Saturn  Planet of Home and Family Life- Pluto  LEO PERSONALITY Quality - fixed ( stability)  Quality most needed for balance - humility  Strongest virtues - leadership ability, self-esteem and confidence, generosity, creativity, love of joy  Deepest needs- fun, elation, the need to shine  Characteristics to avoid- arrogance, vanity, bossiness    LEO  COMPATIBILITY Signs of greatest overall compatibility- Aries, Sagittarius   Signs of greatest overall incompatibility - Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius  Sign most helpful to career- Taurus  Sign most helpful for emotional support -Scorpio  Sign most helpful financially- Virgo  Sign best for marriage and or partnerships - Aquarius  Sign most helpful for creative projects - Sagittarius  Best Sign to have fun with - Sagittarius  Signs most helpful in spiritual matters -Aries, Cancer  Best day of the

If LEO Married to a Scorpio is like dramatic

  Your life, Leo, often unfolds like a Shakespearean drama. 

What you Need to know if LEO date a SCORPIO

 Wow, but …  Fire and water. Two fixed signs.

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