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AQUARIUS Luck and Fotune 2021

AQUARIUS AT A GLANCE Ruling Planet – Uranus  Career Planet – Pluto  Love Planet – Sun  Money Planet – Neptune  Planet of Health and Work – Moon  Planet of Home and Family Life – Venus  Planet of Spirituality – Saturn AQUARIUS  LUCKY COLOR   Colours – electric blue, grey, ultramarine blue  Colours that promote love, romance and social harmony – gold, orange  Colour that promotes earning power – aqua Gems – black pearl, obsidian, opal, sapphire  Metal – lead  Scents – azalea, gardenia AQUARIUS PERSONALITY   Quality – fixed (= stability)  Qualities most needed for balance – warmth, feeling and emotion  Strongest virtues – great intellectual power, the ability to communicate and to form and understand abstract concepts, love for the new and avant-garde  Deepest needs – to know and to bring in the new  Characteristics to avoid – coldness, rebelliousness for its own sake, fixed ideas AQUARIUS  COMPATIBILITY Signs of greatest overall compatibility – Gemini, Libra  Signs of greatest overall in

What you Need to know if AQUARIUS date a SCORPIO

The answer may be written in the star Choose your Sign    ♈  -  ♉  -  ♊  -  ♋  -  ♌  -  ♍ ♎  -  ♏  -  ♐   -  ♑   -  ♒  -  ♓    Unpredictable  As the non-conformist of the zodiac, Aquarius , you’re an original thinker who refuses to accept something as true just because someone else tells you so.