Major Trend Prediction for Past, present, future

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 Written by the star - Natal Chart | Apr 25 1990, 10:51 am, AWST -8:00

 Catarman 12°N30', 124°E38' Geocentric Tropical Zodiac

 Events: Major Trend Prediction ,Progressions to Progressions

 Progression Type: Secondary Q2 SA in Long From Jan 1 2021 to Jan 1 2022, 

MAJOR TREND For Past, Present and Future ( 2020 - 2022 )

Very often days or year that are strong in "Athletic Performance" are also strong in "Business Success", or "Drive, ambition, work", or "Good Luck, Optimism". All 4 of these categories have something in common: you are likely to be energized and feeling more dynamic and full of zest than usual on all of these days...

As see in the chart, there's an fluctuation of Astrological influence in last year 2020, it tell the extraordinary year compare to previous and next year. 

If we look carefully, what kind of Astrological event we may expect, As see in the chart,

Business Success ( Red color in the chart) :  Month or year when this Astrosignature is Highlighted you are likely to feel confident, you have good common sense, and opportunities just seem to come to you more easily 

Good Luck, Optimism (brown color in chart): On Months or year  when this Astrosignature is Highlighted you have a knack for being in the right place at the right time, and you are likely to frequently feel particularly exuberant, humorous, or optimistic on these days.

And Since Business Success and Good Luck, Optimism are both Highlighted, this is a great time to move forward with business plans,purchasing plans.

So, in conclusion, Let say I establish small Business last year, so there is a promise that it will continue toward success slowly but surely.

If we look more deeper , about the detail if this Major trend. keep reading..

 For This Year Ahead 2021 Major Planetary Influence

PROGRESSIONS: Progression Interpretations

Astrologers use the term "Progressions" to describe a particular technique of moving planets forward in time. This technique is aptly named because it describes how a person progresses through their life. Progressions describe the different phases in our lives as well as our inner urges and how they affect our lives rather than dramatic outer events. However, our urges can significantly affect the way in which we react to circumstances and therefore our decisions. It is important that we go with the flow rather than fight against the tides of our lives. Therefore Progressions are likely to show us signposts in life's journey and consequently help us gain wisdom and understanding. Some astrologers believe that Progressions are signs from our soul or higher self; others place less emphasis. We suggest that you read on and see for yourself.


In Orb Jan 1 2021, Already Jan 1 2021, Exact Jan 21 2021, Leaving Feb 16 2021

Right now you have the courage to face challenges that have previously seemed too tough. This can apply to career moves, relationships or any dream that you have been avoiding through lack of courage or simply inertia. If you have been in a rut then the time is ripe to overcome your fears and achieve your ambitions. You may take on a leadership role, run your own business or make moves to work more independently. You have plenty of energy and benefit from sports or activities that require exertion.

  • This major trend prediction is using my own Birth Data as an example , I can also calculate your Chart for 5 US Dollar only, you can pay me via Paypal payment button below or Contact me by Direct Email: and note me about this.


In Orb Jan 1 2021, Already Jan 1 2021

Beauty and harmony are within your reach now, particularly in your close relationships. However you need to take action to ensure that your loved ones feel appreciated and vice versa. This is the perfect time to concentrate on loved ones. Let that someone special know how important they are. If you are single you may decide to marry. It is also possible that you could decide to end a serious relationship, realizing that your current love is not a long-term proposition. If you are already married then your union is likely to be the focus of your attention as you try to enjoy more romance and pleasure. Your finances may also flourish under the influence of this beneficial phase.


In Orb Jan 1 2021, Already Jan 1 2021, Leaving Aug 17 2021

Hurt and healing are themes of this phase. It is possible that one or more of your relationships with loved ones is emotionally demanding right now. You are urged to face the truth and act with integrity. Try also to nurture yourself and your loves ones. If you can do these things then healing is possible. Once the healing process is completed you will be regenerated, able to accept situations. Your compassion and wisdom will be considerable.


In Orb Jan 1 2021, Already Jan 1 2021

Your desire for pleasure is strong. You are likely to start a new and exciting venture during this period motivated by a need to increase your wealth. Your passion is also excited. Therefore, if you are single, then it is possible that you meet a new lover, someone who inspires your passion. If you are married then look for an increase in romance and ardour within your relationship.


In Orb Jan 1 2021, Already Jan 1 2021, Leaving Oct 13 2021

Chiron is known as the "wounded healer" in astrological circles. You are likely to experience emotional or physical healing. Perhaps a physical injury causes you to sit back and reassess your health. On the other hand you may need to heal an emotional wound from the past.


In Orb Jan 1 2021, Already Jan 1 2021

"That is happiness; to be dissolved into something completely great." So says American writer Willa Cather. This quotation is relevant right now because the pursuit of happiness is a focus during this phase of your life. It is time for you to actively pursue your personal goals. Perhaps you need to start by asking questions such as "what makes me happy?" or "what are my talents and how can I truly express them"? The answer lies within. Once you have searched your heart and faced your fears then opportunities will arise for you to spread your wings. You need to include your loved ones in your decision-making so that they support your creative endeavours. If you are single you may meet a potential marriage partner, someone loyal and loving. If you are married then positive changes are likely to occur such as a renewal of marriage vows or new and pleasant shared pastime. You may feel an urge to change your appearance, spending more money on beauty products and treatments, or perhaps changing your fashion style.  The time is ideal to create a healthier lifestyle such as changing your diet or starting a new exercise regime. A creative or artistic project started now could be the spark of a whole new direction in your life. Make the most of the enjoyable opportunities that arise during this phase.


In Orb Jan 1 2021, Already Jan 1 2021

Education is a key theme in your life right now. You are more likely to learn through unorthodox methods rather than convential ones. Nevertheless you are keen to spread your wings. Comfort is not so important to you. Excitement is! You may travel, return to study or take up an unusual hobby. Metaphysical matters or religion may also hold a strong attraction during this phase.


In Orb Jan 1 2021, Already Jan 1 2021

"Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal." This quotation by author Ralph Vaull Starr could be the theme of your life right now. It is a time for dreaming, for reflection and for making the most of any opportunities that arise to enable you to follow your dreams.


Entering Jan 3 2021, Exact Jan 28 2021, Leaving Feb 22 2021

Conflicting emotions abound during this period. Some events may seem to be very upsetting and yet contrarily also very healing. Dreams, meditation and creative visualisation can be very powerful right now. It is important that you take time to enjoy the simple pleasures in life and to listen to your intuition. If you can take time to reflect and nurture yourself then you are likely to reap large rewards. These rewards are unlikely to be monetary. They are more likely to be of an emotional or spiritual nature.


Entering Jan 13 2021, Exact Feb 9 2021, Leaving Mar 7 2021

Romantic love can be joyous and painful. Right now you are more tuned into the pain, rather than the joy. If you have a lover, fiancé or spouse then they are likely to be hurting you in some way. It is likely that they are not as committed as you would like and this is confusing you. You may simply need to wait until your loved one can settle down. On the other hand you may have to let go and accept that the relationship is going nowhere. If you are single, you could become focused on finding someone to share your life. It is possible that your feelings for someone are strong but are not returned. Whether you are in a relationship or not, there is a danger that you could become quite obsessed with the objects of your affections right now. Displaying your emotions will get you nowhere. It would be better if you were able to change the focus of your attention. You need to nurture yourself and share pleasurable times with your friends and family, knowing that someone better is waiting in the wings. You may also benefit from following a passionate past time, particularly one involving the arts, fashion or beauty. It is not time for recriminations, but rather time to gain a greater understanding of the type of relationship that is most beneficial for your well being.


Entering Jan 15 2021, Exact Feb 10 2021, Leaving Mar 9 2021

If you have been hiding your light under a bushel, letting fear guide your decisions, then you are now required to face your fears and move out of the rut that you have carved. This could take some courage. You may experience some conflict with loved ones if they feel threatened by the changes they see taking place. Those who hold some authority in your life may also prefer you to remain subservient. As long as your actions are honourable you should emerge from this period with a new sense of confidence and purpose.


Entering Feb 1 2021, Exact Feb 28 2021, Leaving Mar 26 2021

Areas of your life are likely to take off. You are now able to reap the benefits of seeds previously sown in your life. Others also start to notice and appreciate your efforts. As a result you may be offered a promotion, start a new job or relationship or you could move into a new home. Alternatively a project that you have been working on for some time may suddenly take off. A new personal relationship may start during this phase.


Entering Jul 5 2021, Exact Jul 30 2021, Leaving Aug 23 2021

You are currently required to modify the way that you approach certain areas of your life. Whether you realise it or not tension has been building for some time. For instance you may have been concentrating on one area of your life to the detriment of others. Perhaps conflict has been simmering in one or more of your key relationships or perhaps you have been working too hard to the detriment of your health. Whatever the scenario may be you are now required to change your attitude and perhaps your lifestyle.


Entering Aug 2 2021, Exact Aug 27 2021, Leaving Sep 20 2021

This is an intense time. Emotions that have built up over a period of time now need an outlet. Likewise any unresolved conflict or problems are simmering and likely to erupt. If you have been harbouring secrets then they are likely to be revealed during this period. You need to find a positive outlet for your feelings. You may also need to seek counsel to help you find the most positive path forward. You are being forced to face problems, rather than continue to push them away. You may have difficulty in letting go, surprised by the depth of your feelings. If you can go with the flow then you are likely to experience the joy that comes from letting go of things or people who have held you back in your life. Personal growth can be challenging, but the rewards are a renewed sense of purpose. So use this time to gain new meaning in your life, and perhaps enlist the extra support of those you trust.


Entering Aug 13 2021, Exact Sep 7 2021, Leaving Oct 2 2021

During this period you are more sensitive to other people and your surroundings. You may feel the urge to pursue a more spiritual path, perhaps rejoining a former religion or joining a new spiritual group. Alternatively you may be drawn to creative or artistic expression. During this period you are more likely to remember your dreams. They may be more vivid, carrying messages for your waking life. Your perceptions are changing in subtle ways. You are rather like the butterfly that is emerging from the cocoon. Enjoy the new emerging you. As a result you will discover new depths and meanings that colour your life.


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