Because wedding planning can be a year-long journey of conflicts and financial struggles, my fiancé and I prioritized what two bulls would want the most on their wedding day: an earthy-yet-classic venue, an awe-inspiring foodie menu, free-flowing wine, and show-stopping getups.

when planning your wedding, your zodiac sign can help you find the best date, location, scenery, flowers, and food. Because every sign has a distinct personality, aesthetic, and approach to events, those vibes will likely be involved in all your wedding-decision making. 

For Taurus, as example “the most extravagant sign of the zodiac,” suggests putting food, desserts, liquor, and floral arrangements first. Incorporating earthy tones, plants, and greenery can also help a Bull feel more relaxed on a particularly stressful day.

With that advice in mind, wedding planning became less of a chore and more of an exercise at just how Taurus-y my fiancé and I could be. (Turns out, the answer is very.) Because our extravagance is still restricted by a budget, we're diverting our cash flow to our top three Taurus-driven priorities.

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