VIRGO WOMAN - The Sign of Sexual Conduct


 Virgo Woman

 the vessel 


And God created woman. Virgo is the definitive earth mother, which, by this very nature. makes her a bundle of contradictions:

She is at once an unassuming character and a powerfully feminine force to be reckoned with. 

Virgo woman is giving and nurturing, but equally reliant on others.

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 Physically, even when she is small of stature, there is something of the brick house about her, with dramatic curves and generous cushions in all the right places. She exudes an air of accessibility, indeed a fragility, that inspires a man's lustful and protective urges in equal measure. 

Virgo projects a good-girl image, no matter how hard she may seek to shatter it—even engaging her in conversation feels like seduction, while bedding her can't help but smack of sweet corruption. Meanwhile, she is eager to give herself to a man, especially in servile capacities. Pleasing a lover tops Virgo's erotic agenda, and more than any other woman, she treats a guy like a sexual lord and master. In return, however, she demands a man possess studly power of the first order, such that many find themselves diminished in the mating process, unable to fulfill her lofty sexual expectations. 

The zodiac's antiwaif, she is eternally round and juicy, possessing sex appeal long after other women's charms have faded. Though notoriously deferential with men, with women she expects to be placed on a pedestal and worshiped with a combination of desire, indulgence, and a dash of envy.

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