VIRGO MAN - The Sign of Sexual Discrimination

Virgo Man 

the vehicle

 Virgo man is a complicated, often confounding character, To him, the world is an imperfect place fraught with potential pitfalls and disappointments.

He is especially predisposed to a defeatist view of relationships, which can't help but fall short of his signature pristine expectations. 

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Masking profound sensitivity and a wealth of emotional wounds behind a superior cynicism, Virgo man projects an impenetrability that alternately puts people off or piques their curiosity—especially those who sense the soft core of vulnerability masked behind his cool marble facade. 

He is a master of disguises, putting on different faces for different people, careful to keep his friendships separate and, thus, others' illusions of him alive. He fears upset—conflicts are to be avoided at all costs—so he keeps his distance in relationships, typically entering into bonds where clear-cut control can be maintained. With women, he takes on the role of mentor, playing Pygmalion in an attempt to mold his partner into an ever more distinct vision of his ideal. 

Despite a typically rugged, ponderous appearance, he is a gentle giant, the optimal caretaker in the bedroom—demonstrating such carnal knowledge and dexterity as to suggest a startling empathy for a woman's sexual needs. In relationships with men, it's a different story: Drawn to stable, often older men from whom he may expect some degree of patronage, young Virgo desires to be prized and protected by a lover, but otherwise left to his own devices. Inevitably, he will strike out on his own, seeking to nurture an intellectual bond with a similarly self-possessed mate.

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