SCORPIO WOMAN - The Sign of Sexual Transformation


Scorpio Woman 

the specimen


Nobody has a higher opinion of herself than the Scorpio woman. Hers is an indomitable spirit that cannot be penetrated by even the most vehement detractors.

Too self-possessed to struggle, Scorpio achieves her ambitions by amassing supporters who pave the way, if not roll out the red carpet, for her. She oozes feminine allure and foreboding egotism in equal measure, bidding would-be mates to "come hither," but to do so at their own peril. 

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The zodiac's indisputable femme fatale, she appears unmoved by a man's advances, using such insouciance to bait him into working ever increasingly for her attention. Scorpio invented hard-to-get, an expertise for insinuating herself into the psyche of those whom she desires, without so much as lifting a pinkie. She's all mystery, wearing a perpetual poker face—cajoling, challenging, and holding all the cards. 

Naturally assuming a superiority with whomever she comes into contact, Scorpio cannot help but see a man in terms of what he might do for her. With that in mind, she sizes up each candidate for her affection, weighing his inherent potential, as partner, coprogenitor, and professional success. Scorpio wants the full package, and she's wary of men and their ambitions, which she mostly considers half-baked. In a relationship, she'll seek to coax out a man's best qualities while killing off his bad ones. With women, whom she generally admires more than men, her bonds are at once more spiritually and sexually based. Sapphic by nature, Scorpio is highly romantic in her gay relationships, which always seem to smack of schoolgirl crushes.

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