SCORPIO MAN - The Sign of Sexual Obsession


Scorpio Man 

the stranger 

Scorpio man is a severe individual, strict in his behavior and belief systems. He is narrowly focused, always putting his own needs ahead of any responsibility to others.

A solitary figure, if not a subversive one, he stays far from what he considers the maddening crowd. For this serious man, life is a loaded experience, not to be frittered away in superficialities—every day must be seized and squeezed to extract as much benefit as might be afforded him. 

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He is a naturally probing character, drawn to investigating life's mysteries, propelled to scratch beneath the surface of every situation. No wonder others find him intimidating: He is bound to provoke and often unnerve anyone with whom he comes into contact. He can't look at bowl-of-cherries circumstance without immediately contemplating every possible pitfall. 

Pessimism, indeed nihilism, is his default perception, preventing him from being duped by phony appearances, while allowing him to root out hidden obstacles in his path. He takes this same approach to love, aware, first and foremost, of its inherent suffering. Reluctant to invest his feelings, he waits and studies prospective partners until he's convinced a woman possesses inner beauty to equal the bright, sunny look and personality for which he, ironically, falls. Lavishing attention on his lover, he seeks to be everything to her, thus perpetuating an insular existence. When it comes to men, he's attracted to someone with wealth and power to match his own, herein willing to be all-consumed by a psychologically and sexually intense bond.

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