SAGITTARIUS WOMAN - The Sign of Sexual Splendor

 Sagittarius Woman 

The Maven 

In life's rich pageant, Sagittarius woman is the contestant most likely to walk away with the crown. A radiant, regal figure, she presides over experience, exuding an air of deservedness directed toward all that she desires. To her, the world is an abundant place where she can reach out and grab all she envisions. Struggle is anathema to Sag:

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She keeps her eye on one particular prize at a time and, sensing the right opportunity, lets her Archeress arrows fly with swift precision, hitting her far-reaching marks while remaining removed from the fray of embattling human interaction. She appears the perfect leader, one who has it all—brains, body, beauty, and the ability to amass as much devotion from others as she does coins for her coffers. Wealth, it would seem, is her personal birthright. 

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A vividly glamorous character, Sag does not merely slip into situations; rather, she explodes onto the scene. Meanwhile, despite such signature resplendence she tends to be skittish, often harboring emotional anxieties and low self-esteem. Still, more-more-more is Sag woman's motto, both in her professional and private lives. Not one to live on love alone, she makes a successful match with a man who will share the auspice of "power couple," drawn to dashing father figures who indulge her trademark fairy-tale expectations. Conversely, in a same-sex bond, she seeks a serious-minded mentor who might expose her to a world of knowledge and vast cultural influences.


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