LIBRA WOMAN - The Sign of Sexual Equality

Libra Woman 

the charm 


Libra woman is the zodiac's activist:

The most principled person on the astrological wheel, she can't separate herself from her lofty convictions. To her, the world requires a redesign, as it lacks the very ideals that she most urgently seeks to project. If she perceives a wrong, she must strive to right it; the realm of human justice is her special domain. She possesses a powerful mind, a finely tuned faculty that is eclipsed only by her especial brand of ethereal beauty. 

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Of all women, Libra is most comely and fair—rarely one ever to be labeled sultry or, even, overtly sexy—but on this score, and many others, Libra's looks can be deceiving. Prized for her demure charms, she may risk being objectified as ornamentation, classy arm candy used by men for their own validation or as a means of impressing others. Mean while, her own agenda in love is to fall in with a true friend and equal, a liberal free thinker who shares her in famous love of the arts and all things aesthetic, as well as her often radical political views and egalitarian visions. 

She is unconventional in relationships, amenable to casual sex with a like mind, and leery, in fact, of legal, long-term bonds. When she does commit to a man, she demands total fidelity: Hell hath no fury like the lady Libra scorned. Notoriously attracted to other females, regardless of her sexual identification, she is principally drawn to extreme women—exaggeratedly beautiful supermodel glamazons or megaphone-toting, ax-grinding radicals; or, if she has her druthers, a righteous combination of both.

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