LIBRA MAN - The Sign of Sexual Talent

Libra Man 

the character


Libra is the zodiac's Renaissance man. For him life is art, and he approaches existence as would a painter faced with a blank canvas, feeling empowered to create a world based solely on his idealized visions while striving to encapture sweeping abstract realities that he perceives as having remained heretofore out of humanity's reach. 

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He is naturally attuned to the ordered, nonchaotic energies of the universe and is thus both highly principled and philosophical. 

Libra is a perfectionist, if not a platonist, forever focusing on conditions that might bring betterment. both for himself and for others; and yet wearing rose-colored glasses can also set him up for great disappointment. He is liberal in his beliefs, a pioneer on the intellectual plane, which often puts him at odds with the more stodgy aspects of society. 

Despite his freethinking, Libra is typically traditional in his need for a steady relationship, which nonetheless doesn't preclude extracurricular dalliances, in thought or deed. He is attracted to an independent female, an intellectual equal, with whom he can live in mutual harmony, while still maintaining separate spheres of influence. Love, for him, is a meeting of the minds, and a woman must share his appreciation for highbrow ideals, aesthetics, and a sensual if not etheric approach to sex. Same-gender relationships take on a brotherly quality, often prohibiting him from accessing deep, romantic feelings. He keeps things light with a lover, his bonds smacking of glorified friendships, for more homoerotic

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