Yes, you can use Venus return chart to plan your love life.


 Venus passing through your natal Venus sign is called your Venus Return chart

(like your Saturn Return but waaaay nicer, less dramatic, and happens way more frequently). In fact, your Venus Return occurs about once a year, and it's a time of pleasure and romance. 

Some people call it a ~beauty birthday~, when everything in life just glows a lil bit brighter and things seem a lil bit easier. Plan romantic vacays, treats, pamper time, and dates on and around your Venus Return.

Understanding which zodiac sign Venus is in means you can plan your major love milestones, decisions, and changes to align with the relevant cosmic energy and get a helping hand from planets. And why not? All’s fair in love, after all. Your other half never needs to know that you were guided by the stars.

What It Means When Venus Return Is in *Your* Sign


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