ARIES WOMAN - The Sign of sexual Identity


For Aries woman, the existential journey lies along the path of least resistance.

She is a minimalist of the first order and never crowds her experience with unnecessary obstacles, obligations, drama, or entangling emotional involvements. Single-minded in her artistic or professional pursuits, she adopts a definite plan for their achievement, realizing success by keeping life simple, easily sacrificing extra luxuries. 

She is the most ascetic female in the zodiac, especially forgoing such feminine trap-pings as most women would deem essentials. Calling her a 'man's woman" is a gross under-statement, as she is far more like-minded and at ease with the opposite sex than with her own. She goes where men go, she does what men do—no double standard, no questions asked. When it comes to sex, Aries is utterly unsanctimonious, requiring no wooing to coax out her carnal desires. She seeks to satisfy her own potent sex drive where, when, and with whom she damn well pleases. Indeed, this un-apologetic stance toward sex is a key defining factor in the establishment of her identity. To her, men are, first and foremost, sex objects. She doesn't plan to fall in love—in fact, she often tries her hardest to avoid doing so. Her ideal man is, likewise, a rugged individualist with scant emotional needs and a healthy libido. In same-sex scenarios, however, she invites ...

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