Your Venus Return Chart for this year ahead of 2021

 Venus return chart is the key to understanding your relationships and financial situation for this year ahead, Many times these two areas go hand in hand; financial security tends to be coupled with secure relationships while financial difficulties are more likely to occur when close relationships are strained. 

Although this correlation is common, it is not the rule, and interpretations for finances and relationships should always be viewed separately. 

With the Venus Return chart, we are able to forecast the upcoming year in terms of social events and contacts, the love life, and to some extent, financial matters. Although the Venus Return happens approximately once a year, it does not occur as predictably as a Solar Return chart. If you were born mid-September, for example, your Venus Return chart may occur in September one year, October the next, July the next year, and so forth.

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Planets Aspecting Venus 

Aspects to Venus reflect your ability and desire to exchange love and money with others and under what circumstances. This is a simplistic statement that becomes more complex when we look at the individual planets that aspect Venus. 

VENUS Return chart Aspecting in PLUTO 

Financially, Pluto-Venus aspects indicate strong financial changes or complex monetary arrangements. Salary changes are common and may be the result of a career mow, relocation, leave without pay, cutback in hours, or retirement. Ambition can cause your salary to rise dramatically, especially if your earnings are based on commissions or profit-sharing. Read more ..

Is 2021 unfolding the way you wanted?

Is it even close? Is it starting to take shape? The Universe doesn’t always work within our timetable , but you should be able to tell something about the general direction that you’re heading…

Are you moving toward the future you want to see?

If the answer is no, that’s okay. Don’t panic.

A few simple adjustments is often enough to get you back on track, especially when those adjustments are ‘In sync” with your Highest Purpose. Remember, you are where you are for a reason, so stop and take a look around.

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