The Astrology of your Visionary, Inspired

 Let's use "Visionary, Inspired," as an example, using my own Birth Data,  Contact me for your personal Visionary, Inspired,  base on your Birth data.

Visionary, Inspired: This category is very similar to Imagination, confusion. Movie idols get a great deal of attention, and fantastic music and theatre are favored. People feel inspired and ready to embrace wild and crazy ideas and notions that they might ordinarily dismiss. Religious revivals are also likely at this time..

June 2021 to July 2021 Visionary, Inspired

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On some Month  there is no pick in graph; it is just white. This means that there is nothing notable about your Vision

 It does not mean that there will not be any Vision, this day throughout the entire world nor does it mean that a person born on this day will be devoid of  Visionary, Inspired.

It simply means that this is likely to be an average day, one that is not noteworthy in regards to your Vision

  • On days of the month when the Green color appears point 0, Visionary, Inspired,   is a little better than usual. 
  • On days of the month when the Green color appears 1 point, Visionary, Inspired, is highlighted; on these days People feel inspired and ready to embrace wild and crazy ideas are likely to be lively, and there is a strong possibility of especially good Communication.
  • On a day of the Month when a green color is shown point 2 in above for  Visionary, Inspired, it is likely that there will be some extraordinarily understanding.

 These are also good days to see a movie, read a novel, or explore philosophical and religious subjects. Frequently days will be high in both "Imagination, confusion" and "Visionary, Inspired". 

However, days that are strong in the "Visionary, Inspired" category can be more overwhelming than days that are strong in "Imagination, confusion". A day that is high in "Imagination, confusion" can be a day when you do not feel particularly poetic or imaginative, but you are inclined to daydream or make errors in judgement. 

Days that are high in "Visionary, Inspired" can awaken a transcendent or mystical sensitivity, which can manifest as heightened or altered perceptions and great artistic sensitivity and vision. On days when the "Visionary, Inspired" category is strong, find some time to get away from the mundane daily chores, avoid alcohol and stimulants, and open your heart and mind to the immense, beautiful, magical, glorious world that surrounds us all the time but we often fail to see, and the untapped resources that too often lay dormant in most of us..

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