What you Need to know if SAGITTARIUS date a SCORPIO


A Zinger! 


Fire and water. Back to basic chemistry.

Let’s see how this combination could work. You, Sagittarius, are the nomad of the zodiac. For some of you, it’s actual physical travel that takes you to exotic ports of call where you immerse yourself in a foreign culture. For other Sadges, the travel is mental and whisks you off to worlds you create in your head, in your imagination. But always, you’re after the truth, whatever it might be, and your quest concerns the larger picture, how things fit together and why. And this is the place where you and Scorpio connect. 

Scorpio’s quest is finding the absolute bottom line, the what, how, where and why of anything he tackles. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a relationship, idea, creative project, business deal or house hunt, Scorpio’s piercing insight drills through the complexities. Your quest for the truth works in much the same way but moves outward instead of inward, through connecting with people, by getting out and about and taking action.



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