What you Need to know if LEO date a SCORPIO

 Wow, but … 

Fire and water. Two fixed signs.

 Do they have a chance at a successful dating relationship? Absolutely, but with a few caveats. 

Leo, you love being the center of attention, and will always play to an audience, even an audience of one. You have an innate sense of the dramatic and life is definitely your stage. That suits Scorpio just fine. He doesn’t have any interest in playing to anyone and only asks that you keep the drama in your relationship to an absolute minimum. 

As one of the romantics of the zodiac, you love being courted, wined and dined and being made to feel that you are the focus of your partner’s attention. Scorpio will gladly accommodate you on all those levels. But be forewarned, Leo. This relationship isn’t just about you. For things to work, you must give what you receive. 

The challenging areas in this relationship may revolve around communication. You’re up front about what you feel at any given moment, but Scorpio is far more circumspect. Also, as fixed signs, you’re both fairly rigid in your opinions and beliefs, and in a disagreement, neither of you are likely to back down or compromise.



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