What you Need to know if CAPRICORN date a SCORPIO

 Smooth Sailing 

Earth and water. This one feels like home, doesn’t it?

You and Scorpio share more similarities than you do differences, so the bottom line provides a much firmer base on which to build a relationship than some of the other combinations. 

You’re both rather serious people, but you tend to be more aloof and in control of your emotions. You’re more easily impressed by outward signs of success but are less interested in money than you are in the power that money represents. Like Scorpio, you feel the need to rule whatever kingdom you occupy—home, workplace, business or a relationship. And this could be a potential challenge in the relationship.

 You are both industrious individuals. You, in particular, Capricorn, are efficient and disciplined, able to work out practical ways of attaining your goals. Scorpio’s approach is more intuitive, but your different methods take you to the same place.



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