What you Need to know if AQUARIUS date a SCORPIO

The answer may be written in the star

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As the non-conformist of the zodiac, Aquarius, you’re an original thinker who refuses to accept something as true just because someone else tells you so.

You have to find out on your own what is true or not true, real or not real. In this way your life is like a Zen koan. What is the sound of one hand clapping? You may not have that answer today, but you’re determined to find it even if it takes several lifetimes. And this persistence, this tenacity, the fixed quality of both signs, is what you and Scorpio have in common. 

The scope and breadth of Scorpio’s knowledge and insight will provide plenty of fodder for seducing you intellectually. Once that happens, your attraction to Scorpio deepens considerably. An area of possible conflict revolves around the fixed natured of your respective signs. You’re both stubborn, slow to change your opinions and beliefs and compromise is a foreign concept. In a disagreement, neither of you is likely to compromise.




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